Buy And Sell Smart

   When you sell your house you obviously want to get it sold as quickly as possible for the best price you can get. Many Real Estate agents will “stage” your home to make a good impression. They will also hold open houses in an effort to get your house as much exposure as possible.

     These efforts will draw lots of potential buyers to look at your home. Now the house looks great but how are things behind the scenes? Home maintenance is critical. How well have you maintained your home? If the buyer hires an inspector he/she will look at the house from a totally different perspective. Most of what is found during an inspection are maintenance related issues.

     How well have you maintained your HVAC system. Have you changed the filters regularly? What is the condition of your roof? Is the drainage on the outside of the house satisfactory? Are your appliances installed and operating correctly? And the list goes on.

     Another component of the house that almost always needs attention is the electrical system. I have never inspected a house that was without any electrical issues. These are items that the homeowner should never try to maintain themselves. Electrical issues are safety issues. I always advise my clients to have all electrical issues noted on the inspection report repaired. Plumbing leaks, HVAC systems not functioning properly, or trees too close to the house are issues to be concerned about, but they will burn your house down. Remember electrical issues can kill you. It’s always wise to have a reliable licensed master electrician check your house for electrical issues. Do not assume that a licensed electrician is reliable and responsible. Check them out carefully.

     If you’re selling your home and you suspect that there are hidden maintenance issues it will pay to get a pre-listing inspection.