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Mold Inspections

    A mold inspection is also referred to as a mold assessment. A mold inspection is a process that will identify any mold growth/damage, any source of moisture that could cause mold growth and develop a plan to correct the issue and help prevent it from reoccurring. There’s a little more to it than that which will be covered later.

     Mold is one of mother nature’s way of breaking down organic matter. There are thousands of different species of mold that can be found in all of our environments. This includes in our homes, outside our homes, places where we shop, and even hospitals. For the most part dormant mold will not pose any health issues. The problem occurs when mold is either improperly cleaned or exposed to certain levels of moisture. When enough moisture is present mold will begin to grow and reproduce. A part of the reproduction process is the production of mold spores. These spores can carry mycotoxins which can spread throughout our environments causing illnesses. Many forms of mold when dormant are very dry. Improperly cleaning these areas of mold can stir the mold parts into the air.

     Moisture can show up from obvious sources such as roof leaks, plumbing leaks, leaking windows and exterior doors and now what we are all too well familiar with in the Houston area — floods. There are however lots of other sources of moisture that can stimulate mold growth that you may not think about. Mold inspections will help identify these issues. If the humidity in your house rises above 60% for an extended period of time that’s enough moisture to start mold growth. Think about all the appliances in your home that utilize water. There could be small leaks in any of those creating a mold problem that you that you don’t even know about. So if you live in the Houston to Galveston area be aware of any moisture related issues in your home or business.