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house for sale     As a home buyer you should always get the home under consideration inspected by a qualified professional inspector. If you are selling your home consider a pre listing inspection. Inspecting your home prior to selling takes much of the stress out of the process. Both of these inspections will save buyers and sellers time and money.

      Are you building a new home? A home inspector can check the new construction new constructionprogress in phases. I am often asked  "Is this builder or that builder good?" The answer to that question comes down to who is supervising the construction. If there is an experienced and responsible superientent on site the odds are the subcontractors will build better homes. Home inspectors are knowledgable of current building codes and will work side by side with the builder.

     Whether remodeling a home adding on or conducting major repairs phased inspections can assure the project is completed according to current residential construction codes. As with new construction phased inspections will check each phase of the remodeling or repair process.


             More reasons to get an inspection.

      If you have ever storm damageexperienced storm or fire damage you know how challenging it is to get things back to the  way they were. While dealing with insurance companies contractors show up from everywhere. As with new construction or remodeling phased inspections conducted by a licensed real estate inspector will assure repairs are completed correctly.

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