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It Pays To Get An Inspection

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     Buying a home can be a very complicated and stressful experience. Having the right team to assist you in this process can make all the difference between getting that dream home you are looking for or that sinking feeling that you paid too much and you’re constantly throwingreal estate agent money into the house repairing things you are unaware even existed. A good real estate agent will proactively walk the buyer through the entire process all the way to closing. This includes such things as showing the buyer the type of homes they are looking for in the areas that they desire, working with the listing agent, and getting you the best price possible for that property and the best mortgage available.

     Another very important number of that team is your home inspector. This individual will walk you through the property from a completely different viewpoint. The home inspection will take a minimum of 3 hours. The inspector will walk you through the home discussing the current condition of all components of the property.  It’shome inspector actually a very educational process. You will learn a great deal about that individual house, residential code requirements, safety issues, and just why and how things work. You will get a written report within 24 hours which describes in detail all the issues found during the inspection. The report includes numerous pictures supporting all the findings in the inspection.



Whether adding on or conducting major repairsnew construction phased inspections can assure the project is completed according to current residential construction codes. As with new construction phased inspections will check each phase of the remodeling or repair process. Conducting an inspection prior to the installation of sheet rock usually finds numerous issues that need to be addressed. Remember once the sheet rock is installed all unresolved issues (such as improper wiring, plumbing, or HVAC installations) will affect performance of that home from now on.

storm damage

If you have ever experienced storm or fire damage you know how challenging it is to get things back to the way they were. Contractors show up from everywhere, insurance companies want to settle quickly, and you are caught in the middle. As with new construction or remodeling, phased inspections conducted by a licensed real estate inspector will assure your repairs are completed correctly.

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